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Why Jack Bauer should NOT rot in jail!!


I have been following @bethejustin on twitter for a while now and up until now, I have enjoyed his 140 character commentary. Yesterday, however, he decided to write more than 140 characters and that’s when the train derailed.

First, you should read his blog post Jack Bauer should rot in jail!!. Really, go ahead…I’ll wait…

Now @bethejustin is certainly entitled to his opinions, most of which I agree with, which is why I follow him. But the unfortunate thing is, I am entitled to disagree, and disagree I do.

First point: Jack Bauer is the Shit!
He has been beaten, shot (several times) tortured and scared for life. He has been sold out by his President, superiors, ex-lovers, yet he still gets the job done. He can jump off tall buildings and shoot the bad guys – while in the air – only to land and cuff the perp like he were in a calf-roping contest. He has the uncanny ability to pick out a bad-guy in a huge crowd.

Second point: Jack Bauer is always right!
Since he is always right and you disagree with him, then you must be mistaken – that’s OK Jack Bauer will forgive you. There is nothing wrong with Jack popin’ a cap into a bad guy’s knee to get him to quit lieing so he can save a school full of children – what would you do? Jack did warn him by sayin’, “I’m not going to ask you again…”. I wonder if @bethejustin would want Jack protecting his kids in that situation or some bureaucrat. Tic-tock…tick-tock…

Third point: Jack Bauer predicts the future!
Jack is always telling his superiors what is going to happen, if they don’t let him handle it his way – and when they doubt him, we get 24. If it weren’t for the Constitution, the show would be called “6″. Not the same ring, but it would be the best 6 episodes..ever!!! Then there could be the reality show “18″ where he buys ammunition, grabs a steak, brushes his awesomely white teeth and then we get to watch him sleep via FLIR camera. How awesome would that be??

On a more serious note, 24 had a black president, now we have a black president. If you are going to give 24 credit for desensitizing the American public about torture, then you also must give them credit for reducing our prejudices enough that Obama was electable.

So which is better Jack Bauer – fictional character and protector of this country who gets the job done “Whatever it takes!” and always makes sure the body count of the evil outweighs the innocent? or the constitution that allows murderers to live on the tax payers dime for longer than some of their victims enjoyed – and with more rights than some law abiding citizens – and allows a man to be elected president even though the majority of Americans did not elect him?

Which would you put your trust into? I vote for the man that handles situations the way most people would like to, “morality” aside. @bethejustin I will continue to follow you on twitter because if there is anything I have learned from Jack Bauer, it’s forgiveness. :-)

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