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My 2009 New Year’s Resolutions

Too Much Christmas???

Is it possible to have too much Christmas spirit? I mean, is it really necessary to have an army of lighted Christmas deities protecting your home during the holidays? These folks think so.

Rudolf the Red-Nosed…Cow??

We were driving around checkin’ out Christmas lights when we ran across this display. I hit the brakes, backed up and captured the moment with my flip. Creative or an abomination? You decide.

Great time to be alive!

My wife and I decided to get a Wii, both for a party we are throwing and for the Wii Fit. We figured that the Wii Fit would motivate us and maybe even get us to use our other work-out equipment. So what do you do when you can’t find one of the hottest, low […]

Review: Ocean of Tea

I was watching the weekly episode of DiggNation episode 178 and they mentioned one of their sponsors, Ocean Of Tea. Since I am a bit of a tea-snob, I figured I would give them a shot. Website The site design has a very approachable design. Everything is well laid out and makes it really easy […]