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Why Jack Bauer should NOT rot in jail!!

I have been following @bethejustin on twitter for a while now and up until now, I have enjoyed his 140 character commentary. Yesterday, however, he decided to write more than 140 characters and that’s when the train derailed. First, you should read his blog post Jack Bauer should rot in jail!!. Really, go ahead…I’ll wait… […]

Review: Bodum “Assam” Tea press

My wife works at “Five-bucks” and decided to pick up a Bodum “Assam” tea press pot – since she got a 30% discount. She bought the 1.0 liter version. The idea of the pitcher is that you can brew your tea and “press” it in order to stop the infusion process. In theory, this works […]

Review: Seven Cups

So, I am bored on a rainy Saturday and decide to fire up the AppleTV and watch a few podcasts. I ran across the Seven Cups Fine Chinese Tea Podcast. There are 9 on the iTunes Music Store and 27 on their Web site – I watched them all. Production quality is lacking, but they […]